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Tell Us Something Falz Once Said


At 30 years of age, Falz has done a lot in Nigeria’s creative industry.

It is not easy for one person to be a musician, actor, comedian, lawyer, and activist. Only a Bahd guy can have all these abilities.

From his debut into the music industry, Falz has made so many statements with his music. Many times, he uses his music to preach against the menace of society.

In 2019, he dedicated a whole album “Moral Instruction” to talk about the state of Nigeria as a Nation, talk about bad governance and other menaces.

His style of music is so unique that you can quickly relate to the message he tries to pass on every song.

Having known Falz as an actor, musician, and activist over the years, tell us at least one thing he once said.

Let’s do this 👇

Tell Us Something Falz Once Said

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